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Metal is working with artist Sa’adiah Khan to deliver creative consultation workshops as a part of Wonder Woman, a project developed by PVCS (Peterborough City Voluntary Service) and  Peterborough Woman’s Forum.


We have held 2 series of workshops to date at Paston Farm in Gladstone at the Allama Iqbal Centre (Gladstone Connect). 

During these workshops  the woman got  introduced to a range of materials and artform such as learning how to make string art, ombre painting on canvas, doodling/mandala, block printing and working collaboratively whilst also helping to inform what they might like in their area and working towards an outcome. These session where a chance for woman in the areas to meet the artist, chat to other women and share conversation whilst experimenting with various forms of art making!

“These sessions have given me the opportunity to have open and safe conversations with other woman, while being creative and making.”

“These activities provided us with a good balance of creative activities and connect with other woman”


About Wonder Women:

Wonder Women is a project looking at social prescribing through creative activities. The women in the forum identified that there are no specific activities supporting women in the city and raised the need and want for a women’s space in Peterborough.

Wonder Women is in partnership with PCVS, Metal, Arts and Minds, Living sport, The Green Backyard and Thistle Moore (social prescribing link workers).  Together we will provide a series of creative and engaging activities to inform what women would like to see happening in the city and in their area, whilst also supporting and empowering them to continue to run these in the future.  

Wonder Women will work with women from 3 specific areas in Peterborough that have been heavily impacted by C-19.  The project will support women to overcome the effects of the Covid period, build confidence to go out, meet with others and grow self-esteem whilst sharing stories through creative non-threatening processes. Activities will encourage women to share their stories and have open conversations through activities such as drawing, growing and playing. Workshops / activities from the partners will include arts, finance, sports and wellbeing. 

Metal – is one of the art’s organisations within the partnership who will be leading on the creative activities. From projects over the last 3 years Metal has seen the benefit of bringing women of different ages and cultural backgrounds together, in safe spaces, to share and explore different subject matter. It has highlighted the need for women’s spaces, to allow open conversation, learn from one another and to break isolation.  These projects demonstrated the impact of creating spaces for women to come together, providing supportive networks and allowing discussions to be had that transcend age and cultural background. 


For more information about the next workshops in New England please contact sarah@metalculture.com

About the artist: 

Sa’adiah Khan is an intuitive, multi-disciplinary, community artist of South Asian heritage from Cambridge.  Sa’adiah plays with chaos & control to explore well-being, healing & self-development. Focusing on trust, balance, facing fears, letting go & generally going inward (self-awareness), using art as the process. Sa’adiah has a range of experience working with groups and individuals from all ages & abilities and she enjoys having conversations with people and communities to spark inspiration & connection through sharing. Her ethos is: “Keeping creativity & curiosity alive” which she strives to encompass in all her work & being. 



Instagram: @sadisoularts


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