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We want to give a big warm welcome to three new starters on our Metal team! Ellis Williams recently joined Metal Liverpool as an Administrative Assistant, Harry Calladine as a Digital Marketing Assistant at Metal Southend and Molly Chambers is an Artist-in-Residence at Metal Peterborough! Our new starters have joined Metal through the Kickstart Scheme and will be working with us for the next 6 months.

Ellis Williams is a visual artist and musician, who is part of experimental noise band ‘Polexia’. She has a keen interest in conceptual and sound art, and used to run spoken word event ‘The Mersey Sound’ in Liverpool. Ellis says “working at Metal so far has been really exciting and insightful, and I’m really looking forward to new opportunities and working alongside a great team!”

Ellis Williams at Edge Hill Station, Liverpool.

Harry Calladine has joined our Southend team and has lived locally in Westcliff all his life. He has pursued a digitally focused career in artwork preparation, becoming a production manager for a personalised clothing company. Harry enjoys using his art to create tattoo designs and artwork for friends. He says “I get a kick out of seeing them smile, and a lot of inspiration comes from my love and energy for music.”

Harry Calladine at Chalkwell Hall, Southend.

Molly Chambers comes from a fine-art background and will be developing her artist practise through studio time and networking with other artists. Her work mostly entails large scale paintings and murals, as well as socially engaged workshops – based on the belief that art is a gateway to holding important conversations in society. Keep up with Molly’s work over on her artist page HERE.

Molly Chambers hosting a dinner at Chauffeurs Cottage, Peterborough.

We look forward to working with you all!

Welcoming our new Kickstarters to the Metal team!