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Adrien Châtelain – Metal New Artist Network

Adrien Châtelain is queer, nonbinary, and of Desi descent, which informs their work. They live and work in Brighton. 

Adrien is a multidisciplinary artist, and their Music Production degree helped inform their practice beyond audio by drawing their focus to fine details and textures. They’ve exhibited analogue photographs in the Boomer Gallery in London and have an upcoming immersive audio-visual installation at the Metropolis Contemporary Gallery in Brighton, from July 28th to September 28th. 

Adrien is using this residency to further develop Degrade, an immersive audio arts installation centred around tape degradation. The project explores the relationship between consumption and environmental damage. Through tangible loss of fidelity, Degrade prompts viewers to consider the destructive effects of their actions.

Metal is delighted to announce this residency as part of our Metal New Artist Network, which offered 6 opportunities for early career creatives. You can find out more about the Metal New Artist Network here.